Essential Element Kinesiology

In what way does our subconscious mind act as a saboteur?

The subconscious mind (our storehouse of everything not within the conscious mind - life experiences, beliefs, memories, learnt skills, images seen, automatic bodily functions, etc) always wants to play it safe and work for our comfort and well being within the present moment. As it comes from our situations and experiences in the past, it actually does not allow for change to occur within the present. It would rather let us experience something that we already know, than allow for growth, strength and wisdom to come through any unknown hardship, suffering or pain. This is where our internal conflicts arise from so regardless of our best efforts to say for example "be healthy", we still go ahead and reach for those multiple chocolate bars, cigarrettes, alcoholic drinks or whatever vice it may be.

The good news is that there are ways to keep this self sabotaging behaviour under control, with kinesiology being very effective in ascertaining the most appropriate way to clear internal conflicts and reset your energies so that new positive behaviours can be formed. If you are finding that you seem to be going one step forward, then two steps backwards with whatever the goal is you are trying to achieve, give kinesiology a go and see just how much further you can get without that subconscious past patterning getting in the way.