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What is the purpose of life? This was the answer I received...

I often have people ask where my spiritual journey began and to be honest I can’t pinpoint an exact time. I guess the time when I actually started to wake up from the haze and question the nature of reality was some time in my early twenties. I had always felt that there was something more to life than what is seen in this “real world”. Certain experiences that I had as a child, teenager and adult had shown me that there were other forces at work, both good and bad, regardless of whether I wanted to believe it or not. I started looking for answers and before I knew it, I was shamanic journeying (experiencing altered states of consciousness via drumming) on a daily basis and then journaling what I had experienced. (Before I go on, I would like to point out that ANYONE can do this and it is not for only special or the “selected” few). After three months or so I wrote a summary of my experiences and I thought I would share this with you as it may help lead the way to finding your own answers or just give some needed reassurance for where you are at now. Take from it what you will.....

Dated: 15/07/2006

What is the purpose of life, for all we seem to do is work, consume, breed and die? Why do I feel like I must look like everyone else and think the same way? Feeling lost and looking for answers, I went into an esoteric bookshop. I felt a pull to a particular area which was all the shamanic literature. The lady behind the counter approached me and handed me a prayer feather which was two eagle feathers beautifully bound in leather and decorated with a beaded star. She said I should try meditating with it and ask for answers to come to me while I gently waved the feather in my direction. She then handed me a book “Journey to Freedom” by Leslie Kenton. She said she was in the process of reading it and felt that it would help me. She said that it was beautifully written and a great introduction to shamanic work. Well, what did I have to lose? Perhaps these two things could help to shed some light on the whole purpose of life.

Drum, book & feather

After a couple of weeks, I decided to start work on the book and follow the exercises written within. In the beginning, the hardest thing for me to do was trust my intuition and the messages that were coming through. I guess I felt that journeying would be like travelling in a dream-like state. I was expecting the images to be clear and vivid like in my dreams. Because they weren’t and it was a matter of me making up the images in my mind’s eye, there was so much doubt because I thought that I was imagining the whole thing. How could I trust something that I was making up in my own mind? The thought of me then believing what I was imagining was crazy. But when I thought about it, the only reason I thought it was crazy, was because of my conditioned mindset. This was not “normal” therefore not “real”. I must admit, it was hard to break that way of thinking and I know that I am still trying to break it to some degree. I think that the main reason I can’t is because I don’t have anyone else going through the same thing that I can talk this through with. I guess I am wanting to know if what I am experiencing is the same as what they are, or if not similar. So in order to start to break this way of thinking, I then surrendered to the fact that maybe I was crazy. And so what if I am anyway? I’m not hurting anyone. I’m not pushing my view of reality onto others. Once I was comfortable with accepting that I was different, I started to embrace it more so.

The next hurdle was connecting to my power animal. It was weird because I could feel that it was some kind of feline but couldn’t get a clear picture to what it actually was. This was frustrating the hell out of me. I started thinking that perhaps I just wanted it to be a feline and what if it it wasn’t so it may be rejecting me. Another struggle with trusting my intuition and once I gave in, he came through and appeared as clear as a crystal. This magnificent beast is the most comforting spirit filled with strength, wisdom and beauty and I feel so privileged to have him as my lifetime friend and guide. Once we connected and I began to know him better, things just seemed so much easier – on all levels. He reassured me in knowing that there was a whole other reality to embrace and it shouldn’t be ignored as I needed it as much as it needed me.

As time went on, I was introduced to many other spirit friends within the lower and upper worlds. Their wisdom and guidance was so pure and had only my best interests at heart. I could go to them with any question and they would show me what I needed to see or what was appropriate for that point in time. Throughout this time, I was also setting up a sacred space to which I would sit and journey each day. Having this space taught me about the sacredness of everything in the universe. It is a safe area where I am always protected as I step through the doorway to other realms.

As weeks went on, it then started to turn inwards and I started looking for answers as to what the purpose of life was and why my soul decided to embrace the physical form. Once I understood all this, I then started working with light and speaking with the source - the one truly brilliant consciousness that created all. The one who is accessible to all if they would only just listen.

My view of myself has definitely changed. I feel different and more at ease with life in general. I have learnt to respect my body more as it is a beautiful gift that I am lucky to have. There is purpose to life and it isn’t as complicated as people seem to think. It is a lot simpler than what we expect and we have just made it all complicated as time has gone on by distracting ourselves with worldly possessions and strange ways of thinking. I was told that our purpose was to just be, to enjoy the life we have and learn from the lessons that are taught to us in our lifetime. We have chosen the life we are living for the lessons that we need to learn in order to evolve. We also choose to be upset, happy, angry or joyful in any situation. Once we break the conditioning and choose to be happy and free, we will be.

The possibilities are endless and as long as we are doing something to benefit ourselves in order to benefit others, we will always be supported by the highest forms. The purpose of the other realms is to support the physical realms. They give balance to each other. Everyone helps everyone in order to evolve. It can’t be done on our own.

We are to respect ourselves and all living things on this earth. Everything has a soul – plant, mineral, animal, human, whatever, and is here to help us on our journey. We are all intertwined and are all one. We are essentially made out of the same matter.

Life is an amazing thing and we should not fear it, or death either. Death brings evolution. The soul will always return as something better. Take comfort in knowing that you will always be supported and you are never alone. All you need to do is ask for help and it will be there. Life is meant to be easy.”

So there you have it, wisdom (or madness depending on perspective) from the earlier stages of my spiritual path. Whether any of it resonates with you or not, you have been lead to read it for some reason. Perhaps ponder on why that might be and see where it leads you....