Essential Element Kinesiology

What are Flower Essences?

The short answer - magic in a bottle! I use them all the time and have had some amazing results with clients and pets.

What they are is a form of vibrational medicine that contains a combination of water, brandy and flower or plant vibrations. They have no scent, perfume or traces of the plant itself, just it's energy. Flower essences are mainly used to promote awareness of emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances and are particularily useful for coping with emotional upsets in life or dispelling mental and emotional fears.

Flower essences work by raising the user's vibration to a point where they are able to see things from a wider perspective. When someone is caught up in negative emotions such as fear and anxiety, this lowers their vibration and their energy levels fall. Flower and plant essences have a high vibration as the vibrate at the same frequency of love and positive emotions. When someone takes the essence, they begin to resonate in harmony with the qualities of the flower / plant, there is a shift in consciousness, and limitations and disharmonies begin to change.

Regardless as to whether someone believes that the essence will work or not, they make the understanding of whatever situation the person is experiencing clearer so they are able to decide what course of action they may want to take. They do not bring about any unpleasant reactions - instead they raise the user's vibrations so they are able to change their thoughts to positive ones, feel more energy and get on with living. How good is that?!

Flower essences are safe for all ages and are usually administered by putting a few drops under the tongue, a few drops added to drinking water, added to the bath or placed on pulse points. For animals, it is usually best to put a few drops on the back of their neck or in their drinking water.

I personally enjoy working with the flower essences and as such include a free 25ml bottle of Australian Bush Flower Essence with every initial consultation so that clients can experience the benefits as well. The essence is tailored specifically to the client's needs which is determined through the wonderful art of muscle testing.