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A technique to help with letting go of negative thoughts

If you are getting stuck in negative thought cycles, or notice that you are clinging onto negative attitudes or beliefs, the best thing to do is confront them. By doing this you will find you are then in a better position to let them go. If these thoughts go unrecognised, they tend to manifest into negative emotions and feelings and end up becoming more deeply anchored into your being. Do not feel bad or think you are a horrible person for even having particular thoughts, attitudes or beliefs, just acknowledge that they are there and then take action to let them go if you want to be free of their burden.

A quick and easy technique you might like to try to assist in letting go is something I call the "write & burn" technique. All you do is take a pencil and a newspaper and on the newspaper, write everything you would like to let go of and release. Write this as singular words, a story, what it is that you would really like to say to someone, or however the thought comes to you in your mind. Keep writing until the thought trails off and you feel it has left you. Then simply burn it - with a match, lighter, in a fire, it burn and fade to ashes. You may find that this process may need to be repeated after a couple of days if more things surface to the forefront of your mind. That’s ok, do it as often as you feel you need to. We are like onions with so many layers and sometimes we just need to keep peeling away the layers until we get to the core of the issue.

So why specifically a pencil and newspaper you may ask? This makes it difficult for you to read back whatever you have written. The moment you read it, it goes straight back into your subconscious and then the cycle is free to begin again. Allowing the outflow of thoughts to come out through the action of writing, breaks the cycle and releases it from the mind. The next action of burning it neutralises the energy of the thoughts and frees it back to the universe where it can be used towards something better.

Write & Burn

One further note I would like to make here is when I refer to negative I am not saying that these thoughts / attitudes / beliefs are necessarily wrong or bad, negative is simply the things that are hindering you from being the best person you can be. These are the thoughts that are no longer working for you, they keep you stuck in old patterns and behaviours, or they distract you and keep you focused on the past or future instead of the here and now which is the only time that really matters anyway. Just like a garden, if you leave the mind unattended, things overgrow, weeds take hold, it gets messy and tangled and consequently causes pathways and gateways to become blocked. Cultivate and attend to your mind as you would any garden you love, removing any “deadwood”, weeds or overgrowth. Make room for new seeds to blossom and open the gateways to allow a new influx of higher energies to enter.

This write and burn technique I personally have found to be very effective for myself and clients in letting go of thoughts and attitudes that are no longer needed and I hope that it is just as effective for you. Give it a go and see how you feel :-)