Essential Element Kinesiology

A little about thought, energy and emotions.....

Everything starts with a thought. A person thinks and energy follows their thought. The more they think about it, the more energy that follows it until it manifests in some way. Along with the thoughts comes feelings and emotions, so those that are dwelled on (consciously or subconciously) will shape the nearest available equivalent experience that life can offer that person. Basically, be mindful about what you think about and be aware of how that thought makes you feel.

A simple example: you don't want to get out of bed and face the day. "Urgh, another stupid day" you think to yourself and feel exhausted already. You begrudingly get out of bed, stub your toe, drop your breakfast on the floor and can't find your keys. You start thinking more negative thoughts about how hopeless and clumsy you are and start to feel angry and irritated with yourself. You finally find your keys (which were in your bag all along), run out the door thinking, "I'm late" and sure enough you miss your train or get every single red light on the way to work. The anger and irritation turns to rage. Your heart rate has risen and adrenals are pumping that adrenaline. You finally arrive at work only to realise you have left your laptop/files/fill in the gap, at home because you weren't thinking clearly. "Man, I'm an idiot" your thinking and this is followed up with lack of self worth emotions. A customer comes in who just happens to be as stressed and irritated as you are. On any other day you can handle this, but not today - today you didn't want to the face the world. The situation gets heated, you start fumbling your words, can't get the message across to this person - they now think you are an idiot. The manager has to intervene. Worse day ever and it isn't even 10am.

Something as simple as that first thought could have been all it took to change the course of your day. I'm not saying it must always be peaches and cream but even just a thought of "Ok, here we go" as opposed to "Urgh, another stupid day" has such a lighter and less draining feel to it. By thinking this, you would have already been thinking clearer, found your keys, packed your laptop and arrived at work on time and in calm state to deal with that customer or maybe that customer would not have even come into your work because that is not what you had attracted.

Moral of the story - watch your thoughts as what you think, you will attract in some way or another :-)