Essential Element Kinesiology

I’ve got my crystals, now what do I do with them?

Ok, so you have some crystals, you’ve cleansed and charged them (if not, see here), how can you use them? Before we get onto that, let’s first address the properties and forms they come in...

Different crystals are attributed with different healing qualities. There is an abundance of crystal books and websites dedicated to listing these (which are excellent references btw) however I personally have found that meditating with a crystal is one of the best ways to find out what that crystal can do for you. Sit still for a moment, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to calm yourself. You don’t need to get into some extremely high state of consciousness, just become still and hold your awareness in the present moment. Notice how your body feels and the tone of your mood. Then pick up the crystal, hold it for a few minutes and notice if you feel any changes in your body, emotions and mind. Trust your intuition and anything that comes through. Whether it be words, random images or just a feeling, go with it. Believe it or not, the answers lay inside you, you just need to give yourself the opportunity to access the information and then trust it.

If this all sounds a bit wishy washy, that’s ok, I get it, so below is a very generalised overview of the different qualities that are common amongst the basic colours and forms.

  • Transparent or clear – amplify and clarify
  • White and black – clear and ground
  • Red, orange and yellow – energise and organise
  • Green and blue – bring balance and peace
  • Deep blue and violet – for change, intuition and growth of awareness


  • Clusters - radiate energy out to the surrounding environment and are useful for cleansing a room or other crystals.

  • Caves & geodes - hold and amplify energy within themselves then gently emit this out to the surrounding environment. They aid spiritual growth and are useful for protection.

  • Spheres - emit energy equally in all directions and can be used for healing, meditation, scrying and cleansing spaces.

  • Eggs - confine and shape energy and are great for holding in the hands during mediation or times of stress. The pointy end is also useful for massaging or as an acupressure tool.

  • Pyramid - amplify and tightly focus energy through the apex. They can be used to draw off negative energies or clear blockages from the chakras.

  • Square – consolidates energy and is great for grounding and anchoring intention.

  • Points & wands – direct energy and are often used in healing. When pointed towards the body, it channels energy to the body and when pointed away, it draws energy off.

  • Tumble stones – little polished pieces of goodness perfect for carrying in your pocket, placing under your pillow or on the body for healing. They also are great for making gem remedies.

  • Rough & unpolished – although these may not be as appealing on the eye, they certainly are equally as powerful and are wonderful for healing, meditation, placing around the home and work environments or using in crystal grids.

What else can I do with crystals?

Other than meditating with your crystals, placing them within your environment, and on or in close proximity to your body for healing, you could also do the following:

  • Carry them on you – one of the easiest ways of using crystals is to use tumble stones and put them in your pocket or if you are a lady with no pockets, tuck them in your bra (just remember they are there as the moment you get undressed, clunk!). Alternatively wear crystals within jewellery. Go with whatever feels right on the day or look up the crystal that has the qualities you would like to bring in or enhance during a particular time.

  • Gem water – some people like to place a crystal or two into a glass of pure spring water for a few hours in the sun and then drink it to feel energised. With this it is extremely important that you check to see if the crystal is toxic beforehand as they may leech undesirable nasties into your water such as aluminium, mercury, sulphur, asbestos and arsenic. Some crystals are just not meant to be used this way so if you are unsure, avoid this altogether.

  • Gem essences / elixirs – this is a preparation of the crystals vibration along with water and alcohol which is either ingested, applied to the skin or added to bathwater. Same as stipulated with gem water, be careful which crystals are used as some are toxic and will leech into the water. Normally the crystal is placed in a glass bowl of spring water and then placed in the sunlight for about 12 hours which draws the crystal’s energy into the water. The crystal is then removed and the water is mixed with about 50/50 ratio of gem water to brandy or vodka which works as a preservative. This is known as the “mother tincture” which needs to be diluted dramatically before you can use it. To use the essence, take 7 drops of the mother tincture and add it to a dosage bottle of two thirds pure water to one third of brandy/vodka. You can then take this diluted form by applying 7 drops under the tongue, putting it on the skin or within bathwater.

  • Crystal grids – place crystals around your bed, a particular room, or house in a grid like formation and connect them together with either the power of your intention (see them all connecting together in your mind’s eye) or using a wand crystal to direct the energy. Crystals that are great for creating grids around the bed to help rejuvenate, relax and heal are rose quartz and amethyst as they have a nice subtle energy. Again be selective about which crystals you place around the bed as some may energise and keep you awake or be too intense and make you uncomfortable as opposed to rested. Around the house or rooms, you may like to set a grid for protection using crystals such as black tourmaline for protection against electromagnetic radiation or selenite to raise the vibration of an area and invite higher guidance. These are just examples, let your intuition guide you, take note on how you feel and adjust as required.

Hopefully this has given you a little insight into some of the uses of crystals and has inspired you to start experimenting if you haven't already. For a basic crystal reference book that is straight forward and easy to follow, I can highly recommend “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall which I have used as a reference for some of the material above and also within my clinic for clients to have a deeper understanding as to how a particular crystal has or can assist them in healing. Most importantly, have fun experimenting and enjoy the benefits that these beautiful gifts from the earth can assist you with.

Remember they can only support you if you allow them to, so remain open and ready for change :-)