Essential Element Kinesiology

Energy Basics 101 - Qi, Meridians and Energy Blockages

With Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy, the life force is known as ‘qi’ (pronounced “chee”) and is perceived as the state of being as opposed to an entity added to a lifeless matter. Qi is believed to be the energetic force of the entire universe that is responsible for the preservation of health.

Qi moves through the body via a network of invisible, hollow channels called meridians. As the meridians can’t be seen, it is only through their action that we know of their existence. You could compare this to the way we know electricity exists when we plug a kettle into the wall socket. We can’t see the electricity however we know it exists because we witness its action. Energy flows through the meridians in a continuous cycle and in a set order from one meridian to another. The meridians join and receive energy via the various chakras (energy centres) and organs, and as such, are involved with every function and part of the body.

Along each meridian are acupressure or acupuncture points which allow for the flow of energy to be altered if necessary. Sometimes the energy may be moving too fast or too slow, or there may be a blockage due to some kind of unresolved stress. Stress can be brought about through injury, emotional trauma, nutritional deficiency or a whole range of other causes and if these stressors remain unresolved, it can be quite detrimental to our overall health.

If you can visualise standing on a hose and the effect it has on slowing down the water flow at one end and the building up of pressure at the other end, that gives you an overall idea of the effect that energy blockages can have. This is where energy therapies such as kinesiology can assist as muscle testing locates where the blockage or problem is and what needs to be addressed in order to fix it :-)