Essential Element Kinesiology

Energy Basics 101 - Chakras

There is so much literature available on chakras and one could easily write so much about them but here is a basic rundown for those who are interested...

* Chakras are cone shaped vortices of energy which spin and vibrate within the energy body.

* These energy centres function as energy transformers which change the universal energy into a form and frequency that the body can use.

* The human body has 7 major, 21 minor, 49 minute and numerous teeny tiny chakras.

* The seven major chakras radiate out from different points along the spine and these are the main ones that most energy healers work with as the lesser chakras respond and are conditioned by the major chakras.

* The major chakras are associated with particular nerve plexuses, endocrine glands and organs and consequently affect the body’s functioning.

* The chakras are not situated within the dense physical body and only exist in the etheric (electrical) form which surrounds and permeates the body.

* They are closely linked to the physical body by a network of “nadis” which are smaller channels acting like veins and arteries carrying the quality of energy into the body and mind. The nadis act as a mediator between the brain, nervous system and higher states of consciousness.

* Your chakras constantly radiate and receive energy and are easily influenced by your thinking habits and environments.

* If you hold negative thoughts and get caught up in fear, your chakras become dense, dirty and may shrink or swell which disrupts the natural energy flow throughout your body. This can cause you to feel sluggish, anxious or out of balance.

* By focusing more on positive thoughts and coming from a place of love, this can help you to open your chakras, increase your energy flow and ultimately, the healthier you become.

* Additionally chakras can be cleared and re-balanced using methods such as meditations, visualisations, sounds, crystals, colours, essences and even by eating or avoiding certain foods.

Basically, for perfect health, all your chakras must be in harmony. If there is over or under stimulation in any of these centres, then this results in physical, mental, emotional or spiritual disturbances and ill health. It is not important how you choose to balance your chakras, what is important is that you consider getting them balanced if you are experiencing health issues that just don’t seem to go away.