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Crystals – What’s the big deal, aren’t they just pretty rocks?

Crystals are objects of beauty, fascination and mystery. For centuries, they have been valued and used in healing, as an environmental enhancement, for personal adornment and protection. In more recent times, science has used crystals in the development of computers, multimedia, communication systems, storage, laser applications, solar power and of course to regulate time in clocks and watches. Whether for science or mysticism these “pretty rocks” have proven to be versatile in their usage and I personally believe their potential for assisting humanity should not be underestimated. Here is a little on why I believe this...

Let's start with the basics

All minerals will form crystals however when and how this happens is dependant on conditions which varies from one mineral to the next. Every crystal is unique in size and shape and is composed of a repeating pattern of atoms which build up a perfectly balanced crystal lattice structure. Once formed, they are the most stable and organised known forms of matter in the universe. Although one of the most perfect arrangements of matter, most crystals have small imperfections within their lattice structure which is often the very thing that makes them so useful and attractive.

The colour in crystals is caused from the presence of trace amounts of another mineral which distorts the lattice and deflects or alters the light rays as they pass through it. For example quartz which is transparent appears violet when iron atoms are present, pink with titanium or smoky brown when subjected to natural radiation such as uranium, gamma rays from space or uv from the sun. The mineral content gives the crystal it’s colour but it is the crystals shape which ultimately gives it its power, energetic vibration and harmonic resonance.

Clear Quartz

Crystals, vibrations and frequencies

Before I go any further, I think it is important to recognise that everything in the universe is a vibration existing through many different frequencies at once. Our physical bodies are on this physical plane but the sounds that we hear vibrate at a different frequency as do smells and thoughts. Health is our natural state and occurs when our multiple frequencies are in balance and in harmony. When our patterns of energy are disrupted, we experience a state of “dis-ease” which is simply a body that is not “at ease”. This disruption and disharmony in energy patterning is what is responsible for the negative symptoms we experience. Crystals however have a vibration that is free of disharmonic patterns. Their unchanging physical structure is a reflection of their innate energetic pattern of balance and strength which is pure, stable and reliable.

Crystals emit energy waves at natural frequencies that are in harmony with our own biological makeup and this is how they help to balance and harmonise our inner and outer environments. When using crystals for healing, they are normally placed on, around, or in close proximity to the body. The crystal’s harmonic resonance attracts the corresponding resonance within our own physical body and this encourages healing to take place. Their subtle vibrations affect the physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual levels of being and as such, bring out particular qualities and open the gateway to spiritual understanding. As everyone is unique, so to will be their response to a specific crystal's energy.


Crystals and consciousness

Although this may be hard for some to believe, crystals have a consciousness. Everything in existence is an expression of varying degrees of consciousness manifesting as form. A stone has basic consciousness otherwise it simply would not be – the atoms and molecules would disperse therefore ceasing it’s existence. The consciousness in crystals gives them the ability to retain, maintain, transfer and focus vibratory energies. Their stability and reliability means that they can be very powerful in maintaining an energy field to hold a person within a harmonic state.

One thing I would like to mention here is that your own consciousness will be a determining factor as to whether you are receptive of newer and more positive frequencies coming into your being. If you fight crystals (on a subconscious or conscious level) and are not receptive to their frequencies, you will continue to create the disharmony within yourself. Ultimately all healing comes from within so just by having a particular crystal does not necessarily mean you will be happier, healthier or whatever. From my experience, it doesn’t quite work like that. Instead of perceiving them as something that will manifest what it is you desire (health, happiness, abundance, etc), think of them as being like a close friend who really cares and wants the best for you. Crystals will provide their energy and attention to help and support you however you must open yourself up to the frequencies that they are emitting. How do you ensure that happens? Willingness to change and understand more about oneself is a good starting point ;-)


Could crystals have a placebo effect or is this something more?

I know some may say, “Oh, it’s just a placebo and they don’t really heal or do anything” and this could be possible, but if it is so, then why do such a high percentage of the clients I see require the use of crystals to re-balance their body within a kinesiology session? It is not as if I go looking for a crystal to heal them in some way, yet their body indicates more often than not that this is the priority correction for them when dealing with a particular issue. Most of these clients have never given much thought to crystals or are aware of what they are used for and are often surprised at the end result. Furthermore when looking up their chosen crystal in reference books, it was found that the crystal in each instance contained healing qualities that were so appropriate and fitting that it seemed unlikely to be something that was made up.

The other question I raise is if these are a placebo then why do children, babies and animals respond so effectively to having them within their presence? Could it be that they are not as resistent to the crystal’s frequencies because they don’t have so much emotional baggage, conditioning or belief systems blocking them from receiving these positive frequencies? Who knows? Something to think about anyway.

In conclusion

Personally, I have found crystals to be extremely beneficial and thoroughly enjoy working with them, both for myself and with clients. To me they are not just "pretty rocks" but wonderful resources to work with to facilitate harmony within ourselves and our environments. Their ability to assist with personal growth and the evolution of humanity is something I feel deserves our attention to explore further as well as our openness to receive the frequencies they emit. The question I raise now is, are you open to it?

The next couple of posts will briefly touch on the different crystal forms, how you can use them and the importance of keeping them cleansed. Stay tuned...