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Hi, my name is Kristelle and my passion is facilitating self healing and discovery through the amazing modality of kinesiology.

A troubled individual that experienced abuse from a young age, didn't quite 'fit' anywhere or abide by societal norms, I believed that I would never amount to anything. I left home at sixteen, attracted toxic relationships and turned to harmful vices to escape reality and numb the internal pain. Thankfully along my journey I had what I call 'earthbound angels' (you know who you are) who showed me that the world was not that cruel place to what I believed it to be. The person I aspire to be today is one which I needed when I was at my most vulnerable - someone who is respectful, honest, understanding, compassionate, supportive and accepting of each individual's uniqueness and circumstances.

My own journey with kinesiology began a few years ago throughout a period where I was experiencing mild anxiety attacks and reoccurring digestive complaints. After the first kinesiology session my anxiety reduced dramatically and within a couple of follow up sessions, the digestive complaints were gone and no further anxiety attacks were experienced. My whole perspective on life had changed and a new path began to unfold. It was only natural that I would begin to explore a modality that had such a profound effect on my well being. This led me to study kinesiology which opened up many doorways into the subconscious mind, evolved my perception of self and allowed me the space to become comfortable with who I am. To experience such a wonderful transformation is a gift and to not share these techniques with others who maybe hurting as much as I had is madness in my eyes - hence why I am here, doing what I do.

Before settling into the health and well being industry, I worked in hospitality, retail, corporate and the not-for-profit sectors so consequently have a vast array of experiences with people of all ages and walks of life. My studies over the years also include Esoteric Healing, Shamanic Practices and Naturopathy. I have a specific interest in the multidimensional self, metaphysics, working with vibrational medicines and the power of the mind so incorporate all these elements into my kinesiology practice as required. My main focus is to encourage self realisation and empower people to make positive changes in their lives. The combination of resources and wisdom I have acquired over the years I draw upon to assist each individual to become at peace with themselves, allowing the freedom to reach their goal, whatever that may be.

Being a mum, a partner, kinesiologist, small business owner and volunteer committee member, I understand the challenges in maintaining balance and peace within a busy life. Kinesiology and life experiences have given me the tools to remain balanced, centered, confident and true to myself. These wonderful resources that helped me along my journey (which is ever evolving), I would love to share with you. When you are ready, give me a call.

Love, light and peace to you all

Kristelle x

Kristelle Dumas
Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner


ICPKP International Diploma of Professional Kinesiology Practice (2142 study hours)
ICPKP Diploma in Kinesiology
ICPKP Certificate IV in Kinesiology
Certificate of Esoteric Healing (Energy Healing)
Registered Kinesiology Practitioner with AKA (Australian Kinesiology Association)
Working with Children Check
Current First Aid Certificate

What others say about Kristelle


"I saw Kristelle probably about 6 months ago. I bought an organic foundation and it reacted with my skin. I went to see Kristelle and she fixed the problem in just one session! There was just one or two ingredients that didn't agree with me and she balanced it. I have been using this product everyday since with absolutely no problems at all! She's an absolute genius. Kristelle is intelligent, kind and caring and works gently and intuitively to help her clients. She is honest, compassionate and a true professional. I trust her implicitly with my children and they love her as much as I do." - Anna

"I have been seeing Kristelle for the past 10 months. In all my consultations I am amazed at Kristelle's warmth and her ability to make me feel amazing. Things have come to light that I didn't even realise and she has taught me some amazing techniques of how to deal with things. After each visit I am so blown away that I enjoy talking to friends about Kristelle and recommending her."- Petah

"Thanks again for your time and the amazing healing I have experienced through your gifted facilitation. Your practice is such a blessing to the world. I can't believe how much I have shifted in such a short time and such big issues as well. Particularly that last session has seemed to almost synergise with the others to allow me even greater freedom that I can feel body, mind and soul. I feel blessed to have met you. You are such a kind, humble and genuinely authentic person so this is powerful for helping others whose healing you facilitate." - Ruth

"My energy feels so free and pure today and I feel so much clarity. Plus I just have so much energy today, not tired at the end of my work day and I resolved a long-standing 'uncomfortable vibration' between myself and someone who I sometimes work with. Everything feels very different that's all I can say so thank you very much." - Name withheld

"I've had several sessions with Kristelle with amazing results. Sleep is now welcomed and restful, and I feel a lot more positive within myself. Love, love, love!" - Sharni

"I have regular balances from Kristelle and have had the most amazing changes in my life with her help! She goes deeper to find real issues and helps you find a better perspective and change for the better. Can't recommend her enough - such a beautiful, gentle soul with an amazing intuition and talent. Thanks for all your help over the past 2 years!!!" - Phillipa

"I had a session with Kristelle last week. Kristelle is highly professional. She has a way of unlocking what is hiding behind difficulties you are having and holds the space and guides you to discover the answers to step into your power. Thank-you Kristelle after your session I am feeling on top of the world." - Emily